(Long) weekend in Photos

This weekend was insane – we spent Saturday morning running a bunch of house-related errands (including picking up our flooring and buying carpet for the bedrooms!) before speeding home to meet a bunch of our awesome family members who agreed to spend their Saturday afternoon and evening painting our entire house. I plan to have a before-and-after post ready tomorrow – we’re so happy with how it turned out!

(Oh, and there was beer involved, because of course we would decide it was a good idea to serve alcohol to a bunch of people holding buckets of paint.)


After waking up early to finish the second coat on Sunday, I met up with my family and spent some quality time with my almost 2-year-old nephew, who lives too far away from me and needs to STOP GROWING ALREADY. The last time I saw him he could barely say hello, and this trip I asked, “What’s that?” when he pointed to a picture of a plane and he looked at me like I was an idiot and was like, “The cockpit,” before going on to point out the engine, nose, wings, and tail.


I took Monday off from work and we all headed up to Burney Falls for a delicious picnic lunch involving sandwiches the size of my head and E.L.Fudge cookies. The view was OK, too.

Burney 1

Burney 2

It was so nice to have a mini-break after the last two weeks of juggling work and house projects. Between getting the new floors installed and moving all our crap to the new place, it will probably be a while before we have a relaxing weekend again.


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