Our Pretty New Walls, Plus Painting Tips for Beginners

Before I show you guys our new wall color, I wanted to go over a few things I learned during the painting process. I’m new to the DIY world, and I wish somebody had given me a list of all the important things I needed to know before painting the interior of my home.

The first lesson is the most important: Paint can openers can ALSO open beer bottles.


I kind of want to add this to my DIY Pinterest board. “Perfect for high functioning alcoholics!”

The second lesson is like it: Bribe people to help you by promising them beer.

I had originally intended to hand the drinks out toward the end of the project, but Dave busted out the Wailua Wheat about 10 minutes in and I went from “Maybe this isn’t the best idea” to


faster than I’d care to admit.

People might wind up with paint in their hair, but you will care a lot less about pesky things like “taping” and “cutting in” and “not getting giant blobs of gray paint on the white ceiling” once you’ve got a good buzz going.

Paint in Hair

This is a dramatic re-enactment, like on COPS.

Definitely take advantage of child labor. Kids have lots of energy, and they’re too short to get paint blobs on the ceiling.

Trav Painting

Speaking of ceilings, don’t tape off a popcorn ceiling unless you want to scrape a bunch of white crap off your wet paint and start again. This one might seem like a no-brainer, but in my defense: Beer.

Heather Painting

I probably should have used an edger tool for this. I probably should also own an ironing board and take my clothes out of the dryer the same day I dry them. OH WELL.

We somehow managed to get two coats completed over the weekend, and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Living Room Before and After

Obviously, it will look better once our dark wood floors and pretty white baseboards are installed, but I feel like the house already looks so much better. I can’t believe how much whiter the ceilings look now, and I think the brick hearth looks pretty great against the gray. We did almost every room except the bathrooms this color, although we’ll probably change a few rooms up at some point (we’re thinking of maybe a painted backsplash in the kitchen).

The color is Valspar Ocean Storm, and we used the paint + primer in semi-gloss. We bought 11 gallons and used a little over 9 to cover most rooms in our 1,150 square-foot house. We wanted a little extra in case we have to do touch ups down the road, so it worked out pretty perfectly. Except SOMEBODY won’t shut up about his awesome paint calculating skills.

We’re now working on painting the baseboards, doors, trim, and closets a bright white before installing our flooring this weekend. We anticipate that we’re only a couple weeks away from moving in now, a fact that we were ready to celebrate until we called our Internet provider today and they told us they won’t be able to switch our service to the new house until September 3. I can handle pulling up piss-stained carpet and ripping up staples until I have blisters on all of my fingers, but I refuse to go a week without Netflix.


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