A Tale of Two Chairs and Bonus Idea For Closet Flooring

Remember that scene in “When Harry Met Sally” where Jess and Marie have a huge fight over the “stupid wagon wheel Roy Rogers garage sale coffee table”?


Look alive, Jess. Your man-jorts are stealing the scene.

Well, that scene was my life last night.

I showed you a picture of Dave’s game room in yesterday’s post, but I didn’t show you what I strategically moved out of the way before taking the picture:

Game Chairs

Yes, those are game chairs. IN MY HOUSE.

Last night one of our neighbors mentioned wanting to stop by and see all the changes we have made, and the first thing I thought was that when she sees that room I’m going to have to lie and tell her we have kids. Because I’d rather live an elaborate lie for the next three to five years than admit that my 29-year-old boyfriend willingly purchased these chairs. And sits in them. While playing video games.

To make matters worse, their smell is almost as offensive as their look. I carried a box full of games into the room last night and for a brief second I was horrified that the wet dog smell was coming back from the floorboards under the carpet. But then I realized it smelled more like chemicals. And I knew. I knew it was those damn chairs before I even leaned down to smell them. So then I complained to Dave about how he of course had to pick the chairs that came pre-scented with the smell of unwashed gamer and Mountain Dew Code Red, and he complained about the “ugly” pink armchair I bought at a thrift store earlier this year, and then I was tired of all the complaining so I bought some Glade plug-ins as a peace offering.

Now the room smells like vanilla, unwashed gamer, and Mountain Dew Code Red. I give up.

And because I want to end this on a positive note, here is a story about our closets: We knew we would be keeping the closets open in both this room and the second spare bedroom, which we plan to use as an office/guest bedroom. The original laminate that we tore out of the kitchen and dining area was in decent shape and not glued to the underlayment, so we grabbed some of that and put it down in the closets. I really like how it turned out, but more importantly it was COMPLETELY FREE. I think this might be our first house project to date that didn’t cost twice what we had budgeted and result in three other things needing to be fixed. Thus, they are currently my favorite thing in this house.

Now, tell me some stories – has your significant other brought something into the house that you hate?


One thought on “A Tale of Two Chairs and Bonus Idea For Closet Flooring

  1. Lori

    I have a climbing hangboard going up in my KITCHEN, and a Don’t Tread on Me flag flying proudly out front of my house.


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