Progress and Future Plans and Cat For Sale

Last night was the first night we spent in the new place (!), and after a long evening of moving heavy furniture in the pouring rain (after an already long day at work), we made ourselves feel better by listing everything we’ve gotten done so far. And it actually feels like kind of a lot. If you’re interested, here are the projects we’ve completed (with a lot of help from family) since closing on the house three weeks ago:

– Primed and painted all the walls/closets
– Ripped up old flooring
– Painted subfloor with Kilz primer (to seal in odors)
– Installed new laminate/carpet
– Removed, painted, and replaced baseboards
– Replaced water damaged floor and drywall in kitchen
– Fixed garbage disposal
– Fixed broken electrical circuit in kitchen
– Fixed leaky kitchen faucet
– Installed a new shower head in master bathroom
– Ran copper wire under the house for our refrigerator’s ice machine
– Moved all of the big furniture and most of the small stuff into the new house
– Installed cat door into garage
– Cleaned and disinfected every surface. Twice.

No wonder we’re cranky.

Even though we’ve gotten a lot done, our to-do list feels like it’s growing by the minute. Here’s our list of stuff we still have to do:

– Move low-hanging living room fan/light fixture to dining room
– Install new flush mount fan/light in living room (we already bought it; just have to install)
– Purchase and hang curtains in the living room and master bedroom
– Fix the kitchen backsplash
– Seal and stain the deck
– Build bar in dining room alcove
– Buy and install a dishwasher (there’s a spot for it; the previous owners took it with them)
– Paint exterior (this will probably wait until next spring – rainy season is almost upon us, plus we’re the poorz right now)
– Add shower to guest bath (currently it’s just a tub)
– Paint our mismatched furniture
– Landscaping, front and back
– Scrape off the awful popcorn ceiling
– Decorate

Do you like how I threw “decorate” in there as an afterthought? Everyone keeps asking me my decor plans and I’m like STOP IT I CAN’T TALK IT WHILE THERE ARE HOLES IN MY KITCHEN WALLS. The one thing I’ve done so far is buy this rhino bust from Anthropologie with a gift card my sister gave me for my birthday. We may not have curtains, but our living room wall sure as hell will have a rhino head on it. Priorities.

And speaking of priorities, last night the cat’s top priority was to keep us awake by howling nonstop before knocking a half-used gallon of paint off of a shelf in the garage, walking through the mess, and tracking it all over the new floors and couch.

Paw Prints

Anybody want a cat?

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