Weekend in Photos

This weekend was the first in about three weeks where we didn’t have to get up super early to work on the house. We celebrated by getting up super early to run three miles while people threw colored corn starch at us.

Color Run Before

Color Run After

We had fun, but I’ll be honest … it was a little SPARKLE TUTUS! YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL! OMG HAPPIEST 5K ON THE PLANET BE HAPPY GUYZ! for my taste. I think Dave and I are just a little too cranky for events like this. It’s not that we’re unhappy or mean, we just aren’t the type of people who will dance with a guy in a rainbow unicorn suit to get an obnoxious DJ to throw us a neon fanny pack. We’ve both been so busy working on the house that we haven’t run in weeks, so we spent a lot of time power walking and planning a race of our own, the “Get Off My Lawn 5k.” Details to come.


After the race we refueled with some Chipotle before running some house-related errands. (We now have a shower curtain! Woo!)


On Sunday, I tackled this mountain o’clothes and got our closet situation semi-controlled. I’ll probably do a before-and-after post on that project in the next week or two.


It was stormy all weekend (my very favorite weather!), and after getting caught in a crazy downpour while carrying bags to the car in the Walmart parking lot we arrived home to see a double rainbow. Yes, I cried while taking this picture.

We did a lot of unpacking, a little relaxing, and I’m happy to say that our house is starting to feel a little more like home. How was your weekend?


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