AT&T Is Ruining My Life

Life has been so weird lately that I didn’t even realize I missed a day of posting. Contributing to the life weirdness is a) our current lack of Internet access at home, b) my crazy work schedule (but I’m not complaining because my late night events usually involve wine and cheese), and c) DID I MENTION I HAVE NO INTERNET AT HOME? Apparently they need two whole weeks to move the service to the new address. The last time I lived for two weeks without Internet access was in the 90s and I didn’t care as much back then because I was busy gluing my church directory photo next to every picture of Taylor Hanson in “Bop.”


I miss the 90s.

Anyway, the other day AT&T emailed us to let us know that they turned off the service at the old place, and we were like, “Are you seriously using the Internet to communicate to us the fact that we no longer have Internet? FOR ALL YOU KNOW WE COULD NOT HAVE SMARTPHONES OR JOBS WITH INTERNET ACCESS.”

And they were like, “Uh huh. Also, we are charging you $50.”

Thanks, AT&T, for charging me for the inconvenience of you taking two weeks to complete a task that all my other utility providers were able to make for free within hours. I will definitely not wipe the cat’s butt with service cancellation form I will be sending in the second our contract is up.

I was going to post some house progress pictures, but WHAT DO YOU KNOW, my 2G cell service won’t load the photos. Instead, please use your imagination to picture clean floors, a picturesque view of the woods out of the sliding doors, and me rocking back and forth in the corner muttering about AT&T. Or, come back tomorrow and maybe my pictures will have loaded by then.


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