We Have Internet!

The day after I wrote a post bashing At&T for their terrible customer service, we suddenly had our Internet activated five days ahead of schedule. Maybe it’s a coincidence. And maybe tomorrow I will write a post about how it’s unfair that I never win the lottery.

Anyway, I’m finally able to upload photos of my living room so without further ado, here is the before picture for the thousandth time:

9 Living Room

And here is what it looks like right now:

Livinr Room 1

A good blogger would have thought to move the Hefty bag full of empty beer bottles off the deck before taking this.

Obviously it is a long way from being done, but at least it doesn’t look like a construction zone anymore. That shit was stressing me out.


All that space above the couch is making me anxious.

I get really overwhelmed when I start to think about everything that still needs to be done, so I’m just taking the house one room at a time for now. The living room is first on the list, then the kitchen/dining area. We plan to have a housewarming party in a few weeks and at the very least we want the common areas to look somewhat presentable.

I think with just a few additions, the living room will start to feel a lot more home-y. I love the idea of hanging a big mirror above the couch, even though Dave rolls his eyes every time I mention it (as if somebody who owns game chairs can have an opinion about what constitutes good taste). I’ve found a few options here, here, and here that I’m thinking about, although I’ll probably troll Target, Ross, and maybe even a few local thrift stores before buying anything online. Along with that, purchases for this room will include wall art, pillows for the couch, a couple of lamps, curtain panels for the sliding doors, and an area rug. I’ll probably do a little styled tray on the coffee table as well, since Pinterest told me to.

Speaking of Pinterest, here are a few pretty living rooms I’ve pinned recently that are making me hopeful that my living room will look pretty and styled someday. None of them were linked to the source, so if you know where any of these are from, leave me a comment and I’ll link it!
Gray Walls Big Mirror

Gray Walls Green Accents

Gray Living Room

You can view my Pinterest “Home” board here.

And for fun, here’s the view we enjoyed from the deck while eating dinner last night:

Back Yard

Mt Shasta

I hope you have a relaxing long weekend! I’ll be celebrating Labor Day by mainlining bad reality TV on Netflix in my unstyled living room.


6 thoughts on “We Have Internet!

  1. Lori

    Pier One has great mirrors and awesome throw pillows! We need to go! Also, the Home Good store in Vacaville has AMAZING stuff in large quantities…..weekend trip with the ladies?????

  2. Lori

    Oh, and also, while you are vegging out on Monday in front of bad TV, I’ll be working all day. Simpson. We put the Labor in Labor Day!


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