Super Crispy Sweet Potato Fries

There’s this Irish pub in Medford called Four Daughters that we love, and their sweet potato fries are the best. Actually, they are tied for the best with their garlic fries. And their bubbles and squeak. And fish and chips. And lobster mac and cheese. And now I’m hungry.

ANYWAY, the sweet potato fries. They are coated in a white, super crispy layer — almost like tempura — and they’re not greasy at all. The last time we were there I took a short break from guzzling Skull Splitters and asked our server to tell me what kind of magic they used to get this result. She said the best way for me to replicate them at home would be to coat them in a layer of corn starch before baking them.

And I was like YES, maybe now I can use up that box of corn starch I bought to make gravy six years ago.

On Saturday I got a hankering for sweet potato fries, and decided to try out this corn starch method. Turns out there are thousands of sweet potato fry recipes online that use corn starch, so I didn’t waste time coming up with my own. I used this one from The Art of Doing Stuff and had great success.

Crispy Sweet Potato Fries

So crispy! So delicious! No burnt pieces with mush inside!

I do have a few notes about the recipe, though.

1. I read through the comments and saw that a lot of readers said their fries were too corn-starchy, so I only used 11/2 tablespoons of cornstarch instead of the 2-3 the recipe called for. You want a very light dusting, not a thick coating. Mine looked like this after I coated them:

Corn starch on sweet potato fries

Helpful hint: Make sure there’s not a hole in your bag when you shake your fries with the corn starch.

2. I couldn’t bear to cook them without seasonings, so I added generous sprinklings of garlic salt, smoked paprika, and cumin when I added the olive oil.  So good.

(And if you’re wondering about that sauce up there in the first picture, it’s just ketchup, mayo, smoked paprika and a little bit of cayenne pepper.)

This method is a little higher-maintenance than your average fry recipe, but the result is totally worth it. Make them right now.


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