Odds and Ends

{ I trimmed my own bangs this morning. It did not go well. It never goes well. Somebody please hide my scissors. }


{ There’s a thrift shop two doors down from my office, and most days I take a mid-morning break to stretch my legs and look around. I spotted this accent table/nightstand last week and have spent the last several days going back and forth on whether I want something more modern for the bedroom. Eventually, the fun details (and super low price) on this little guy won out, so I pulled the trigger and took him home with me. I’m excited to style it and show you pictures. And also to stop using a moving box as my nightstand. }

{ I have several important deadlines tomorrow and this morning I spent several hours in the “All The Work While Crying” zone. The only thing that would make this cartoon more accurate would be a gigantic bottle of rum after “Deadline.” }

Tomorrow’s Friday! Woo!


3 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. Joy V.

    I am loving everything about your blog! That nightstand looks similar to our bedroom set that we bought on Craig’s List. We love it because a) it was cheap and it’s ok if something happens to it because it’s old and b) it’s totally different from most people’s sets. Your new stand looks like it’s in good shape too! yay 🙂

    1. heatherhomefaker Post author

      Haha, thanks for reading! The whole “it’s OK if something happens to it” thing is huge for me. We recently bought a new couch and I have to fight the urge to get out of bed at night to make sure the cat isn’t out there scratching it while we’re sleeping. Clearly I have problems 🙂

      1. Joy V.

        Oh! the couch, yes…we have the same mentality with our couch. We bought a new one and the cat destroyed it within a few years – so we currently have a hand-me-down that we don’t have to worry about! and it’s leather! (i think) so it cleans better than our old cloth one! Anyway, keep up the good work! The house looks great! 🙂

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