Fresh Peach and Nectarine Crumb Bars

Peaches and Nectarines

This time of year always makes me grateful we live in Northern California – we are known for our stone fruit, and our peaches, pears, plums, and nectarines can’t be beat. Peach season won’t last much longer up here, so I made sure to stock up at last week’s grub club. I wasn’t planning to buy anything else until the guy in front of me grabbed a nectarine off the table, bit into it, and had to wipe juice off his shoes.

There are currently nine nectarines sitting on my kitchen counter.

09.09.13 Bars 1

Dave had to work late Friday night, so I kicked off the weekend by pouring myself a big glass of wine and baking a batch of these peach crumb bars. Drinking makes me a much better baker — suddenly I don’t care about trivial things like accidentally dumping a pound of sugar on my clean kitchen floor, and it gives me the courage to deviate from the recipe at hand. Which is why I wound up adding a bunch of nectarines to the filling.

And this is where I tell all the young twenty-somethings reading this blog to enjoy your crazy Friday nights twerking in the club or whatever it is you kids do, because before you know it you’ll be 29 and your biggest booze-related adventures will involve adding random produce to recipes and listening to the Harry Potter soundtrack so loud that houses three streets over can hear it.

09.09.13 Whisk

Dave and I agreed that the tanginess from the nectarines was a really nice addition to the sweetness of the peaches. The first night we paired our pieces with Haagen Dazs vanilla bean, and last night we ate it with mocha almond ice cream. I liked the vanilla better, while Dave preferred the mocha. You should probably cover your bases and buy both.

09.09.13 Filling

Even though I’m sad about peach season coming to a close, I’m looking forward to the abundance of fresh apples that the next season will bring. Mostly so I can make this apple cider sangria, drink two glasses while wearing my pajamas, and then fall asleep by 10:30 p.m.


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