Pretty Little Things

My sister gave me an Anthropologie gift card for my birthday, and I mentioned a few weeks ago that I used it to purchase a faux rhino head for the wall. Several days after my order was confirmed, I got an email from customer service saying they were out of stock. I won’t go into details about my emotional response to that email, except to say that evening is now referred to as the Rhino Incident and is brought up by Dave every time I mock him for getting irrationally angry about his PlayStation freezing.

With my gift card balance refunded, I spent the next few days hemming and hawing over what I should get. I knew I wanted something decor-ish, since I’m getting tired of seeing blank walls and uncovered surfaces everywhere I look. I’m still undecided on what I want for big statement pieces, so I decided to order a few pretty accents that I scattered around to temper the “barren wasteland” vibe you currently get upon entering our home:

Anthropologie Order

Bowls | Vase | Mug

These little bowls are pretty much my favorite thing at Anthro. They come in all sorts of colors and patterns, and they’re only $8. I knew I wanted one of the bowls to sit on my nightstand where I inevitably dump my watch and rings when I get home from work. The second one is currently corralling our keys on the entry table.

Anthropologie Inside Out Bowl

I put the vase on a mirrored coffee table tray I picked up at Pier 1 over the weekend.

Anthropologie Vase

By the way, if you ever find yourself wondering what a mental breakdown feels like, try explaining the concept of a decorative coffee table tray to a man.Ā  I have spent the last several days trying to make Dave understand that the tray is for pretty things only and not his grungy water bottle and collection of 14 TV remotes and game controllers. And he is like:


It’s not much, but having a few pretty things around the house is making me feel a lot more at home.

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