What I Wore to Work

Every month my city’s Chamber of Commerce sponsors a local business mixer, and every month I promise myself that I won’t undo all my hard work at the gym with the free wine and hors d’oeuvre. I have yet to keep that promise.

JCP Sheath Dress

I don’t always dress up for work (I wear a lot of dark-wash skinny jeans and blouses), but I always try to make an extra effort on days I know I’ll be interacting with people outside my core office staff. Tonight I’ll be attending this month’s mixer, and I chose to wear this dress because it’s both conservative enough to be business-appropriate and stretchy enough to accommodate the wine-and-cheese baby I’ll accumulate over the evening. Also because I was running late, and a simple sheath dress is pretty much the easiest thing to throw on before sprinting out the door.

JCP Sheath Dress 2

JCP Dress (on sale for $21.99!) | Black Pumps | Necklace (similar) | Watch (similar)

Is this look groundbreaking? Nope. But it took about 10 seconds to throw together, which left me plenty of time to gulp down two cups of coffee before heading to the office. I call that a success.


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