We Have Curtains!

I’m excited to say that, over a month after closing on our home, we are now the proud owners of living room curtains. I’m not so proud of the fact that it took me six weeks to decide on a pair of plain white panels, but you guys there are SO MANY options out there. Grommet top or back tab? Semi-sheer or blackout? Two panels or four? And what color curtain rod?


I finally decided on Ikea Merete curtains in “Bleached,” and I was pleasantly surprised by their quality for the price (they were only $27.99 for two panels). They let some light through, but are not semi-sheer like so many of the white panels we found during our search. Which was important to us, since we don’t want the neighbors to know how often we watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo in our underwear.

I was also surprised at how much of a difference they made in the overall look of the living room. Here’s the living room before:

Before Curtains

And after:



And back when we first bought the house:

9 Living Room

I decided to go with neutral curtains for now since I’m still not really sure what colors I’m going to bring into the room. It was REALLY hard not to buy something in a fun color or pattern, since there are a ton of really great options out there. Here are a few I considered during my search:

Curtain Roundup

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

Even though I finally settled on white, I love that the Ikea curtains were so affordable that it’s totally not a big deal if I want to replace them with panels in a bright color or pattern once the room starts coming together more.

And though some of these seem like no-brainers, here are a few tips to keep in mind when hanging curtains:

– Wash your curtains before deciding where to place the rod and/or hemming them – ours were several inches shorter after washing/drying.

– Hang curtains high and wide to make the window appear bigger (click here for more about that). We couldn’t go very wide since the hearth butts into the left side of the sliding doors, but you can see that we hung the rod quite a bit higher than the top of the doors.

– I know it sucks, but iron your curtains before hanging them. I skipped this step initially and spent several hours on Sunday trying to convince myself that they looked fine, you know, if you kinda squint and all the lights are off. (I’ll be ironing them tonight.)

– When in doubt, order a longer length than you think you’ll need. If you don’t know how to sew, iron-on hemming tape is really cheap and is apparently foolproof since we managed to use it successfully.

Do you prefer neutral curtains, or do you tend to go for bright colors and fun patterns?

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