Shopping for Conference Wear

I travel to several work-related conferences and trade shows every year, and turns out it’s really challenging to put together trip outfits that meet my desired aesthetic.


Seriously though, it’s tough to find outfits that are professional without being boring. And can go from booth time to meetings to cocktails to dinner. And are comfortable enough to wear for 12+ hours straight. And don’t get too wrinkly in my suitcase. AND AND AND.

Usually I leave my outfit planning to the last minute, but this time I have given myself three  weeks to put together my wardrobe for an upcoming trip to Phoenix. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

I do have a few dresses that I tend to fall back on when I leave my packing for the last minute (so basically every single trip). This black peplum dress (with black patterned tights underneath) has become a staple for the inevitable opening cocktail reception, and looks great on its own or with a bright cardigan or blazer thrown over the top. I also usually bring along this little number from Modcloth for days I’ll be manning the booth for 8+ hours (it’s super comfortable and flattering, but Spanx are definitely recommended). I’ll need two more outfits for this trip, and I really want to purchase some ankle-length pants to bring along. Specifically, these:

The Limited Pencil Pants

Finding pants that fit me is tough (short waist + bigger hips = I often cry in fitting rooms), but these pants have gotten really good reviews from bloggers of all shapes and sizes. For some reason I never wear pants at conferences, and I think it’ll be nice not having to worry about flashing anyone the goods when I bend over in the booth.

A pencil skirt in a fun pattern is a good way to show personality without going overboard, and I’m currently eyeing this leaf patterned “curvy fit” pencil skirt on the LOFT website:

Loft Pencil Skirt

This one is also really pretty. GIVE ME ALL THE SKIRTS.

And because I’m always looking for an excuse to buy new shoes, I probably need to buy these, right?

Just tell me I’m right.

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