Sick Day

My friend Katy is getting married in two weeks (Hi, Katy!), so on Saturday I got up early, packed a bag, and headed down to a mountain town about 30 miles south for her bachelorette party. I was planning to write about the party, but then a tub of 200 Jello shots and a blow up doll named Katy Pervy showed up, so instead I’ll just show you this picture of the view from the living room of the house we stayed in and you can just imagine the show that all the woodland creatures enjoyed through that window:


LIFE TIP: If you want a home with windows like these someday, don’t major in journalism.

We had so much fun, but it turns out drinking for like 12 hours straight didn’t help the sinus crap I was fighting all last week. I finally gave in and stayed home from work on Monday and spent the day resting and watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and texting my grandma repeatedly to thank her for buying me this workout top from Costco:

Kirkland Signature™ Ladies Long Sleeve ¼ Zip Top

This shirt is seriously the most flattering, comfortable piece of clothing I own. It makes me want to quit my job and become a personal trainer so I can wear it every day. But I think that means I’d have to be able to do pull-ups and stuff so I probably won’t.

After eating some lunch I got a second wind and cleaned both bathrooms, swept and Swiffered the floors, did two loads of laundry, and put out a few fall decorations in the living room.

Fall decor

I have more decorations in storage, but realized after I drove out to my unit that I have no idea where the key is. I definitely remember putting it in a safe place so I wouldn’t lose it, but have no idea where the hell that place might be. Hi, I’m Neville Longbottom.


I told Dave that this means I’ll just have to buy more decorations, and he was all, “Oh so you can enjoy them for a few weeks and then lose them? Why don’t you just make it easier and throw your money RIGHT IN THE TRASH,” and I was like, “Every time you bring that up I’m adding a decorative gourd to the mantle.” And now I kind of hope he brings it up because I really want some more gourds for my mantle.


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