My New Obsession: Combat Boots

When I was in junior high I went through a serious Doc Marten phase. I had a flowered pair, a pair covered in glitter, and of course, the double strap mary janes. But the phase eventually passed and I haven’t thought a lot about combat boots since then. That all changed when I saw this picture on Pinterest last week:

Combat Boots

Even though my brain is like, “This girl’s thighs are the circumference of your forearms,” my heart is all, “YOU WILL TOTALLY LOOK LIKE THAT IF YOU WEAR COMBAT BOOTS.”

I found a ton of inexpensive options online, so at least if they make me look like Lieutenant Stubby Legs I won’t be out much money.

Combat Boots

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

I really like number 2 because of that little pocket. My coworker pointed out that since jeans and purses and jackets all have pockets I probably don’t need them on my shoes, but then I was like but if I get mugged and the thief tells me to empty my pockets I can be all, “sorry I don’t have any money” and they will believe me because my cash is HIDDEN IN MY SHOE. I’m choosing to believe she responded with a blank stare because I blew her mind with my shoe pocket logic and not because she thinks I’m an idiot.

And because I like you, here are some pretty fall outfits involving combat boots:

Rachel Bilson Combat Boots

5 thoughts on “My New Obsession: Combat Boots

  1. Abigail

    I always liked combat boots too which my mom thought was a clue into my sexuality and wouldn’t let me near them in case it turned me lesbian.

    #4 are my favorite. Also Rachel Bilson. (Speaking of my lesbianism.)


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