Hello, Moto

Back in the early aughts, before iPhones existed and nobody knew what a Miley Cyrus was, I had a Motorola flip phone. The default ringtone was this awful techno music with a guy going, “Hello, Moto” over and over. In fact, here’s a little Throwback Thursday present for you: a picture of me ON that flip phone, most likely forcing one of my college friends to help me figure out if the Dashboard Confessional lyrics on my crush’s MySpace profile were about his hidden love for me:

Hello Moto

“It CAN’T be a coincidence that he asked to borrow a pen on the same day he posted ‘I will love you always forever,’ right??”

I swear this has a point beyond the fact that I used to be a total tool. I was looking at moto jackets online the other day and it reminded me of that song and it’s been stuck in my head ever since. If you’ve never heard “Hello, Moto” you can listen to it here but just promise not to send me hate mail for getting it stuck in your head because IT WILL GET STUCK IN YOUR HEAD and you will want to die.

I sort of forgot I owned a moto jacket until I was about to buy one online and thought “huh, this looks kind of familiar” and then I realized it was because I have almost the exact same jacket hanging in my closet. I was so excited to re-discover it, and wore it to work yesterday with jeans. I was going to take a proper picture of my outfit after work, but then we went to the wine bar, and then to a Mexican restaurant where I thought topping off our bottle of wine with a giant beerita would be a good idea on a work night, and what I’m trying to say is that I was up past my bedtime so all I’ve got to show you is this:

Sorry about that. Here are some people who did not drink half a bottle of wine and a giant beerita and forget to take pictures of their jacket:

I can’t justify buying another one, but I don’t want all my shopping research to go to waste so I will point you toward some of my favorites I found when I was looking around: I really liked this and this from Target, and this studded one is cool, too.

How do you feel about the moto jacket trend?


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