Hello From the Desert!


I’m in Phoenix for work this week, so my posting will be a bit sporadic. (I can’t use that word without picturing Tai.) Pictured above is the awesome pool outside my room that I will not have time to swim in. Unless I fake being sick and get out of booth duty. Don’t think that thought hasn’t crossed my mind.


The resort we’re at is beautiful, and so far my favorite thing to do during breaks is sip iced coffee while taking in the views.


And as a bonus, here is what I wore to dinner with my boss last night:


The attire was listed as “business casual,” so I took it literally and threw on a plain white tee with my pencil skirt. Travel wrecks my brain.

Have you ever been to Phoenix? Are there any great restaurants I need to try? Let me know in the comments!

One thought on “Hello From the Desert!

  1. 8littlepaws

    I’ve never been there. Sadly, I don’t get out west very often. I sure wish I did though!

    Nice Clueless reference, I watched that movie a few weeks ago, first time in many years, and I had quite a few LOL moments.


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