Best Of: Skymall

On my way to Phoenix last week I got the idea to blog about the dumbest items I found in SkyMall, and first of all YOU’RE WELCOME for narrowing this list down to a few items because I could devote an entire blog to the dumb stuff in that magazine.

First on the list is the SkyRest Travel Pillow, a wedge-shaped inflatable cushion designed to make the guy in front of you contemplate jumping out the emergency exit because you’re basically going to be spooning the back of his seat for the duration of the flight. Also worth noting: Unless you have the lung capacity of Michael Phelps you may have trouble inflating the 17-inch behemoth without an air pump, but you will no doubt be inflating the egos of all the other passengers on board who realize, “I may have issues, but at least I didn’t spend $29.95 to look like a tool in public.”

Travel Pillow

Exhausted after a solid 90 minutes of blowing up his sleeping podium, Gary passed out for several seconds before having to raise his seatback table for landing.

Keeping with the “creates more problems than it solves” theme, AquaBells Travel Weights are just what they sound like — plastic weights that you fill up with water from the sink in your hotel room (funnel included).

Travel Weights

Chad didn’t know what was more embarrassing: Telling the front desk staff that his hand weights flooded the room, or realizing that it’s 2013 and even Best Westerns have a free fitness center these days.

In “I cannot believe I am actually typing these words” news, we have the Designer Catbox Enclosure. Because the thing holding me back from putting my cat’s current litterbox in the living room is its lack of wainscoting, not the fact that cat turds are last on the list of fragrances I want my house guests to experience.

Designer Litter Box

“Dude, did the cat just poop in your end table?”

Speaking of felines, check out the Thundershirt for Cats:

Thundershirt for CatsAccording to SkyMall, “Thundershirt’s gentle, constant pressure has a profound calming effect for most pets when anxious, fearful, or over-excited.” Maybe it works, but I have suspicions that stuffing a terrified cat into a sweater vest will result in bloodshed. It’s probably wise to wear a pair of Isotoner Therapeutic Gloves for this task.

I’ll wrap this up with just one more. SkyMall has an alarming number of magic wand-related products, but I think the worst is this Magic Wand Remote Control:

Magic Wand Remote Control

30% effective at changing channels. 100% effective at preventing owner from getting laid.

I was laughing until I read that the owner has to custom-program it by making a unique gesture with the wand and pushing the button on the actual remote at the same time and then memorize all the commands, and it made me really sad to picture somebody actually devoting time to that task.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen in SkyMall? And better yet, have you ever ordered anything from the magazine? (Don’t be ashamed. I really want these.)

12 thoughts on “Best Of: Skymall

  1. 8littlepaws


    It’s so stupid! Yet entertaining!

    I generally read it like, two or three times per trip. First just to look at everything. Then again to look at all the animals because there’s so much dog and cat stuff in there and what can I say I love pets. Then a third time to spot the dumb crap.

    I actually own the thundershirt. My cat has panic attacks when he gets in the car for vet visits, to the point where he hyperventilates too much for them to check his breathing/heartbeat and runs a fever. He’s the biggest scaredy cat known to man. It does work. It’s a similar concept to swaddling an infant…makes them feel all hugged and safe.

    For small homes I am all about hiding the litter box…but not as an end table!!

    I think this is my favorite skymall thing ever:

    1. heatherhomefaker Post author

      Haha, I’m so happy that you own the Thundershirt!! Does your cat not freak out when you put it on him? Because the concept totally does make sense, and our cat HATES the car, so maybe I should try one out after all … also I totally texted the Bashful Bigfoot picture to my entire family when I first saw it on a trip a couple months ago (we’re obsessed with making fun of this hillbillly show on Animal Planet called Finding Bigfoot.)

      1. 8littlepaws

        He’s not like, thrilled with me putting it on, but he’ll do it. I put it on him for times other than just car rides, because I don’t want him to associate it with leaving the house, you know? They sell it at Petsmart, if you have that on the west coast.

        I should post a picture of him in it. It’s been a tough week for me to write posts on my blog but I’m planning to catch up on a bunch of posts I’ve been meaning to write this wknd and I’ll throw up one of him all dolled up too, LOL.

  2. Lori

    Perhaps if Whiskers had been put in a Thundershirt his first night in the new house, he wouldn’t have dumped over the paint can and traipsed it all over your new couch and floors?!?!

    Also, I once bought a tile foot rest for the shower that remains AWESOME for shaving legs in the shower, after many years of use.

    And…one of these days I am going to get one of those ramps up to the bed, so my dogs can get up where they don’t belong without my help 😉

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