This Post Inspired Me To Open the Halloween Candy Three Days Early

Pinterest has brought many wonderful things into my life. Most of those things involve chocolate and cream cheese icing and multiple sticks of butter, and they are so delicious that I’m willing to forgive Pinterest for also introducing me to the concept of “Fitspiration.” As a former-fatty-turned-runner, I am obviously all for living a healthy lifestyle and kicking your ass in gear if you’re not happy with your fitness level. I am also all for practicing moderation and respecting yourself no matter what the scale says, which is why “Fitspiration” pictures like these make me want to throw things:


Because there’s nothing worse than being called fat. Except maybe, “that girl who worked really hard just to impress assholes who called her fat.”


Or, you know … buy pants that fit.


False. Enjoy your kidney failure, though.

I know that most people post pictures like these with good intentions, but they usually make me feel like shit for eating food with cheese and carbs, or taking more than one rest day per week. I’m a member of several fitness groups on various social media platforms, and one of them is so overrun with fitspo pics and humblebrags about running 20 miles and “refueling” with cottage cheese and edamame that I rarely venture in anymore. I almost left the group last week, but decided that it would be more fun to just start posting my own “inspirational” photos to make everyone uncomfortable. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

Pic 1

10.25.13 Big Macs


And for anyone who was looking for an informed discussion about the merits of Fitspiration and somehow made it to this ridiculous blog, head over here.


13 thoughts on “This Post Inspired Me To Open the Halloween Candy Three Days Early

  1. ChiTown Girl

    Hi, Heather!
    I just found you through the November NaBloPoMo blogroll, and I just have to tell you…

    I HEART YOU! I’ve been reading back through your posts, and giggling like a goofball! I’ll definitely be back! =)

  2. Emily West (@sparklemeetspop)

    Ugh – I hate fitspo and thinspo. Your body could look great, but your mind will effed. Do you listen to podcasts? You should def check out Stuff Your Mom Never Told You – a women’s issues stuff. AKA I had no idea I was such a feminist. They are adorable and did an episode on this a while back. Anywhoosies, a must listen!


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