High Five for Friday

Red Riding Hood Costume

1. I had so much fun last night passing out candy to trick-or-treaters in my Red Riding Hood costume. Unfortunately, my first group of kids got an earful as the cat shot out the open door and into the night, but a little 4-foot tall Dracula assured me that his mom says “shit” all the time and he wouldn’t tell anybody. Awesome.

Caramel Apple Cider

2. This spiked caramel apple cider was definitely a highlight of my week. And will probably be the highlight of many future weeks, at least until the caramel vodka is gone. Recipe = heat 6 ounces of cider in the microwave and add a shot of caramel vodka. Note: It won’t taste as good if you don’t use a Ninja Turtles shot glass.

3. I have been stalking this vest ever since it hit the Gap website — it quickly sold out in my size online, so I figured I was out of luck. But then a coworker needed a ride to the airport yesterday (the nearest airport is 50 miles away, but also happens to be right next to the mall which contains a Gap store). I managed to grab the LAST vest in the store. It’s a size smaller than I would normally buy, so thank God for vanity sizing (and me not caring about looking like a stuffed sausage this winter). I kind of wanted everything in the store, especially this skirt and these pants.

4. I am making esquites tonight, and if you haven’t had it before you need to try it. And add diced avocado to this recipe, because duh.

NaBloPoMo November 20135. Today is the first day of NaBloPoMo, and I’m going to try REALLY HARD to post here every day of the month, although SPOILER ALERT my weekend posts will probably consist of photos of me eating carbs topped with cheese in my pajamas. Just keeping it real.


14 thoughts on “High Five for Friday

  1. Melanie

    Hi! Just popped over from BlogHer and I can tell already I’m going to like reading your blog (alcohol, avocado and pretty clothes…yes!). Looking forward to reading more and have a great weekend!

  2. Lynda

    How could you not trust a 4-foot tall Dracula? That made me laugh. Good thing I am alone in teh office. 🙂

    I am also trying NaBloPoMo (for the first time) and found your blog through the BlogHer website.

  3. Chris Dean

    Ya know, anyone who drinks anything out of a TMNT shot glass? Is awesome in my book!
    I’m also doin’ the whole NaBloPoMo craziness, which would be where I tripped across your blog at. (And I’m seriously glad I did!)
    Good luck!


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