NaBloPoMo Day 5: My Writing Space

Guys, it’s only day five of NaBloPoMo and I’m already out of steam. It probably didn’t help that I was in full-on April Ludgate mode yesterday and waited until the last possible minute to write today’s post.

April Ludgate gif

Who am I kidding, this is me every day.

Luckily, BlogHer provides prompts for people like me, and today’s is this: Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts?

Huh. It’s almost like BlogHer KNEW I haven’t gotten around to furnishing my office and wanted to shame me into admitting I blog from the living room couch. To make BlogHer happy, here is what I typically look like when blogging:

Living Room Blogging

And now the Internet has seen me in my pajamas. Are you happy, BlogHer?

Now, about the third bedroom/office situation. Part of the problem is that it’s not a huge room, and I’m unsure of how to make it comfortably function as both a guest bedroom and my office. I guess I could REALLY conserve space and just work from the bed with a lap desk. I had intended to write a joke about that, but the more I think about it the more I like the idea. If I ever make it to a C-level position I’m totally going to set up an elaborate bed-desk in my office. And the fact that I’m actually entertaining this idea might indicate that I will never be a top executive of anything.

ANYWAY, I have been looking for desks online for a few weeks, but it turns out everything I like costs hundreds of dollars. I read a ton of home decor blogs and those people are always posting about the majestic furniture they find for cheap on Craigslist, so I started checking our local listings. And then I discovered a pretty big disadvantage to living in the country. In big cities, there are a multitude of wealthy people with good taste who periodically sell their fancy used furniture for pennies on the dollar. Here in the mountains, we have a bunch of rednecks hawking their rickety crap for 10 times what it’s worth so they can keep the electricity flowing to their meth labs. For example, this was recently listed for $295 on my local Craigslist furniture page:

Craigslist desk

$295! In the seller’s defense, they did note that the desk is genuine plywood.

Meanwhile, if I lived a few hours north in the Portland area, I could get this completely re-finished desk for almost $200 cheaper:

Portland Craigslist

Bonus: There probably won’t be meth residue in the drawers.

Thus, my search for office furnishings continues. As far as layout goes, I have found a few  inspiration photos I like, and am considering replacing the current double bed with a daybed or futon to maximize space:

No source available :(

No source available 😦

And if I don’t wind up finding a perfect desk on Craigslist, I did find a few options here, here, and here that are brand new, attractive, and cheaper than that $295 plywood monstrosity.

NaBloPoMo November 2013

3 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 5: My Writing Space

  1. 8littlepaws

    Yes, craigslist in the city is pretty awesome. I routinely get Ikea stuff for half price without the hour drive to the suburbs.

    I don’t have room, or need, for a defined office space so I bought one of these for my sunroom: and I’m also thinking of getting a secretary desk for near my kitchen, as a place to dump crap and then easily hide it when I’m sick of looking at it.

    1. heatherhomefaker Post author

      Oh my gosh, I love that foldout desk! I’ve never even seen one before. I have an entry table just off the kitchen, and it is SO nice to have a place to dump keys, mail, etc.


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