High Five for Friday

Wine bar1. We are going to the wine bar after work tonight. I’m looking forward to this even more than usual, since I’m on a self-imposed workweek-drinking ban in an attempt to keep holiday weight gain to a minimum. I know tonight is technically still a weeknight, but I count the weekend as starting the second I walk out of my office on Friday evenings.

2. I beat my 5k PR by over two minutes on Tuesday night. I’ve been whining about how slow I am for a while, and one of my runner friends finally was all, “Dude, JUST SHUT UP AND TRY TO RUN FASTER.” So I did, and I didn’t die.

Sweet Potato and Avocado3. I discovered a new favorite lunch this week: Mashed sweet potato topped with avocado. I found these awesome microwaveable sweet potatoes that come pre-wrapped – you just pop them in the microwave for 7 minutes and they’re perfectly cooked. The wrapping steams them and keeps them from getting dried out, which usually happens when I cook them in the microwave. Yay for shit that makes life easier.

4. My coworkers and I may have convinced my boss to give us Veteran’s Day off. Yay for locally-owned businesses not tied to corporate rules.

5. I literally have zero plans this weekend. I see a whole lot of Netflix and pajamas in my future.

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NaBloPoMo November 2013


8 thoughts on “High Five for Friday

    1. heatherhomefaker Post author

      TOO MUCH. Right now Dave and I are really into Breaking Bad (still on season 1!) and The Walking Dead. I’d also highly recommend Orange is the New Black (we’re done and anxiously awaiting the next season). I’m also weirdly obsessed with this new jail docu-series called Behind Bars.

      1. 8littlepaws

        I have not seen OITNB but thought I would check it out this fall. That and House of Cards.

        I like both BB and TWD, well, TWD not so much but it’s just something to do every Monday night I figure (I get it as a season subscription through Amazon). I am REALLY liking Sleepy Hollow–it’s kind of creepy and definitely campy.

        Honestly though everything for me on TV is just buying time til Mad Men comes back!

      2. elizasherr

        Oh brother, Breaking Bad! My hubby had back surgery in March and was out of work for several weeks, and he watched ALL the seasons of it. He was so horrified, yet fascinated, that he told me most of it, then we watched the last season together. Yikes!!

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