Happy Birthday to My Awesome Dad

In honor of my dad’s birthday, here are a bunch of things that are awesome about him.

1063820_354505621344715_15686013_o– He makes themed pancakes for each holiday. Pink hearts on Valentine’s Day, green shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day, etc. Sometimes he goes all out and dyes the butter and drinks, too.

– He is an expert on absolutely everything. Computers? Check. Geology? Of course. Astronomy, philosophy, math, biology, music? UH HUH.

– He has hobbit feet that don’t fit into toe socks, but he wears them anyway with the toes sticking out all crazy because it annoys my mom.

58376_1600177963393_8256750_n– He makes really good breakfasts.

– He is the most patient person alive (as evidenced by the fact that he helped me with high school math homework without murdering me). No matter how busy he is, he always picks up the phone when I call, even though I’m usually freaking out about something stupid like whether I should get earthquake insurance because I had a dream the house fell down during a quake.


– He took us on yearly camping trips growing up.

– On more than one occasion he has taken his laptop camping with us and had to set up a chair outside the bathrooms so he could connect to the outlet via extension cord.

– He can fly planes.

58376_1600177923392_232843_n– He gives really great advice. My favorite is “don’t stir up trouble.”

– One time he promised us brownies, and after dinner he got a brown marker and colored on our knees and told us those were our “brown-knees.” I think we cried.

– He is the most awesome grandpa to my nephew.

545732_4600476568983_1035082805_nHappy birthday, Dad! I love you.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to My Awesome Dad

  1. Lori

    All true….he is a wonderful husband too, for all the same reasons. He made his own awesome bday breakfast this morning! Thank you for this entry…it made my eyes cry…

  2. edubergeek

    Thanks Heather. I’m no less thankful for you, you know!

    Thanks for sharing the “brown-knees” story. I’ll never live that one down!


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