Christmas Decor! In November! (Please Don’t Hate Me)

I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but I’m trying really hard not to buy All! The! Christmas! Things! right now. Maybe it’s because this is the first year I’ve owned my own house, but I can’t wait to decorate.

It kind of all started in Walmart last week, when I saw this flocked tree and decided I need to own it. I’ve never in my life wanted a flocked tree before this and I have no idea where my obsession came from, but I’m just going with it. Dave is … less than enthused about the idea of a flocked tree, but he gave up fighting when I lovingly encouraged him to cram it up his cramhole. I think a flocked tree would really pop against our dark gray walls, and after searching around on Pinterest, I think I’m going to go for a predominantly gold/silver/white theme with lots of sparkle and lights:

Flocked tree

Ahhhh no source – let me know if you know where this is from!

I’ve been doing a little online window shopping to see what I might want to buy, so I made a little collage of some of my favorite things I’ve found.

Silver and Gold

Glitter Deer | Ivory Knitted Throw | Beaded Pillow | Gold Accents Garland

Beaded Garland | Mercury Glass Candle Holder | Silver Sparkle Tree Skirt

When do you usually decorate for Christmas? I’m a weekend-after-Thanksgiving decorator myself. Which means I only have a little over two weeks to buy All! The! Christmas! Things! so now I don’t feel so bad about this post.

NaBloPoMo November 2013

2 thoughts on “Christmas Decor! In November! (Please Don’t Hate Me)

  1. kari

    I’m in the same boat lol I don’t own my own house but its the first place where we can decorate. Aaron even told me he doesn’t care if Christmas ends in December he refuses to pull everything down till the end of January lol

    I love the colors though very pretty! And I like the flocked tree 🙂


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