Weekend Photos

I was too busy eating all the things over the weekend to blog, so here are some pictures of things I enjoyed over the last few days:

I had a piece of the most delicious vegan chocolate tart topped with raspberries at lunch on Friday. Because Fridays call for lunch dessert.

CiderOn Friday night I picked up some Square Mile Hopped Cider. I loved it, and Dave thought it tasted like cat piss. Clearly one of us has some messed up taste buds.


We got up early and hit the gym on Saturday. I had planned on running outside but when I saw that it was 19 degrees I aborted that plan and wound up running 4 miles on the treadmill instead. I’m thinking about signing up for another half marathon — anyone know of good races happening in Northern California or Oregon early next year?


I saw this recipe for Rotini with Blue Cheese and Spinach on A Cup of Jo last week and made it for Dave on Saturday night. Because he loves him some blue cheese. I’m not the biggest fan of the stuff, but the half and half in the sauce really mellowed out the tanginess of the cheese and we both wound up loving it. (Also, I added chicken but it would be just as good without.) He made a fantastic pasta dish on Sunday night (we love our carbs) and promised he’d guest blog with the recipe this week.

Air FilterWe finally got around to replacing our air filter this weekend and when we were closing the grate, the two little clasps that hold it shut both broke. It looks like we’ll have to order the replacement pieces online, so we tried to hold it shut with duct tape in the meantime. That failed pretty quickly, so Dave MacGyvered this little number out of a block of wood and an old drawer pull. Do I even have to note that booze was involved? When I moved up here to the wilderness all my friends warned me that I’d turn into a redneck and I assured them that would never happen, but now I’m kind of afraid this is how it starts. One minute you’re duct taping your home together “just for a few days until you can get the part replaced” and the next day you’re roasting squirrels on coffee cans in the front yard. Send help.


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