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High Five for Friday!

1. My sister, brother-in-law, and nephew flew out to my parents’ house from Colorado, so I’m taking Monday off work and heading down for a nice long weekend. Spending time with them usually includes hiking, good food, and copious amounts of craft beer. Also, I get to squeeze this face:

J-ManSo obviously, I’m excited.

2. There is snow included in the 10-day forecast. Every year I get all excited for the first snow, and then hit hits and I remember that snow is the worst (unless you can spend the day next to a warm fire and not drive anywhere).

3. We hung out at the Elk’s Lodge on Wednesday night. There are … a lot of elk on the walls.


4. We’re having pizza for dinner tonight.


5. I get really snacky in the afteroons at work, and I recently discovered these “Snakaroons” in the organic section of the grocery store:


They’re all natural and raw, they taste really good, AND I feel much more energetic when I hit the gym after work. I’ve tried the vanilla almond and banana coconut flavors, but they also come in chocolate, lemon, pineapple, and a few others.

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NaBloPoMo November 2013


Christmas Decor! In November! (Please Don’t Hate Me)

I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but I’m trying really hard not to buy All! The! Christmas! Things! right now. Maybe it’s because this is the first year I’ve owned my own house, but I can’t wait to decorate.

It kind of all started in Walmart last week, when I saw this flocked tree and decided I need to own it. I’ve never in my life wanted a flocked tree before this and I have no idea where my obsession came from, but I’m just going with it. Dave is … less than enthused about the idea of a flocked tree, but he gave up fighting when I lovingly encouraged him to cram it up his cramhole. I think a flocked tree would really pop against our dark gray walls, and after searching around on Pinterest, I think I’m going to go for a predominantly gold/silver/white theme with lots of sparkle and lights:

Flocked tree

Ahhhh no source – let me know if you know where this is from!

I’ve been doing a little online window shopping to see what I might want to buy, so I made a little collage of some of my favorite things I’ve found.

Silver and Gold

Glitter Deer | Ivory Knitted Throw | Beaded Pillow | Gold Accents Garland

Beaded Garland | Mercury Glass Candle Holder | Silver Sparkle Tree Skirt

When do you usually decorate for Christmas? I’m a weekend-after-Thanksgiving decorator myself. Which means I only have a little over two weeks to buy All! The! Christmas! Things! so now I don’t feel so bad about this post.

NaBloPoMo November 2013

NaBloPoMo Day 12: What’s in my Fridge

Today’s NaBloPoMo prompt is: “Name five things inside your refrigerator right now and how you feel about them.” I had to wait until tonight to write this post, on account of there weren’t five things TO write about in my refrigerator until about an hour ago. What can I say, when it comes to down to grocery shopping vs. watching Norman Reedus kill zombies for 12 hours straight on a Sunday afternoon, Norman always wins.


Daryl approves.

Last night I had soup and a cookie for dinner, so I decided to skip the gym after work tonight and hit the grocery store for some actual food. Here are five things I bought that are now in my refrigerator:

Peppermint Mocha Creamer. I normally measure two tablespoons of creamer into my morning coffee (hi, I’m neurotic), but this stuff is so good that I allow myself to glug it into the mug until my coffee is so pale it’s about to crawl out of my cup and do the white man’s overbite.

Source Harry Burns FOREVER.

Harry Burns FOREVER.

Tomato Basil Laughing Cow. We go through quite a bit of this now that I’ve gotten Dave hooked on this sandwich. I also use it to make turkey wraps for lunch – just spread some on a tortilla and top with turkey, spinach, avocado, and anything else that strikes your fancy.

Unsweetened Almond Milk. It makes me feel healthier when I eat my Count Chocula.

Spinach. We put it on/in everything – sandwiches, wraps, eggs, burgers, smoothies. I tell myself that its superfood powers are magically undoing any damage caused by my love of beer/fried foods. That’s science, right?

A six pack of Long Hammer IPA. This has actually been in our fridge since Friday night, which is an absurdly long shelf-life for beer in these parts. I may need to re-think my weeknight drinking ban.

NaBloPoMo November 2013

Happy Birthday to My Awesome Dad

In honor of my dad’s birthday, here are a bunch of things that are awesome about him.

1063820_354505621344715_15686013_o– He makes themed pancakes for each holiday. Pink hearts on Valentine’s Day, green shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day, etc. Sometimes he goes all out and dyes the butter and drinks, too.

– He is an expert on absolutely everything. Computers? Check. Geology? Of course. Astronomy, philosophy, math, biology, music? UH HUH.

– He has hobbit feet that don’t fit into toe socks, but he wears them anyway with the toes sticking out all crazy because it annoys my mom.

58376_1600177963393_8256750_n– He makes really good breakfasts.

– He is the most patient person alive (as evidenced by the fact that he helped me with high school math homework without murdering me). No matter how busy he is, he always picks up the phone when I call, even though I’m usually freaking out about something stupid like whether I should get earthquake insurance because I had a dream the house fell down during a quake.


– He took us on yearly camping trips growing up.

– On more than one occasion he has taken his laptop camping with us and had to set up a chair outside the bathrooms so he could connect to the outlet via extension cord.

– He can fly planes.

58376_1600177923392_232843_n– He gives really great advice. My favorite is “don’t stir up trouble.”

– One time he promised us brownies, and after dinner he got a brown marker and colored on our knees and told us those were our “brown-knees.” I think we cried.

– He is the most awesome grandpa to my nephew.

545732_4600476568983_1035082805_nHappy birthday, Dad! I love you.

Make This Now: Shrimp Scampi over Creamy Parmesan Orzo

Dave and I have been watching The Walking Dead for 11 hours straight. I’m pretty much a zombie myself at this point.


Me, when Dave asked me to get his water bottle out of my car halfway into our marathon.

We still have three episodes to go before we finish season 3, so instead of devoting hours to a great blog post, I’m going to link you to an awesome recipe that we made last night: Shrimp scampi over creamy parmesan orzo.

ScampiIt’s easy, delicious, and was the perfect way to carb load for the long run I completely blew off today.

NaBloPoMo November 2013

NaBloPoMo Day 9: Flannel and Parades

I’ve been kind of obsessed with plaid lately, so I ordered this shirt while playing around online during a lunch break last week. It arrived last night, so I wore it to my city’s annual Veterans Day parade this morning. It was freezing (below freezing, actually), so I threw on my new flannel puffer vest over it (and added a sparkly necklace because duh). I like it so much that I might get it in other colors.

Flannel and Puffer VestALSO, it turns out I’m not going to get a three day weekend after all, due to a stupid website problem that developed at work on Friday. Long story short, a very important video on our website won’t play and I was informed by our web designer that it’s “probably an .htaccess problem.” I spent about three hours trying to understand what the hell .htaccess is, but all the explanations I found just made it worse. Example: “An .htaccess file is a directory-level configuration file supported by several web servers, that allows for decentralized management of web server configuration.”

And just like that, my relaxing weekend of watching Netflix in my pajamas has been replaced with trolling WordPress help forums and reading the free sample pages of Web Servers for Dummies on Amazon.

NaBloPoMo November 2013

High Five for Friday

Wine bar1. We are going to the wine bar after work tonight. I’m looking forward to this even more than usual, since I’m on a self-imposed workweek-drinking ban in an attempt to keep holiday weight gain to a minimum. I know tonight is technically still a weeknight, but I count the weekend as starting the second I walk out of my office on Friday evenings.

2. I beat my 5k PR by over two minutes on Tuesday night. I’ve been whining about how slow I am for a while, and one of my runner friends finally was all, “Dude, JUST SHUT UP AND TRY TO RUN FASTER.” So I did, and I didn’t die.

Sweet Potato and Avocado3. I discovered a new favorite lunch this week: Mashed sweet potato topped with avocado. I found these awesome microwaveable sweet potatoes that come pre-wrapped – you just pop them in the microwave for 7 minutes and they’re perfectly cooked. The wrapping steams them and keeps them from getting dried out, which usually happens when I cook them in the microwave. Yay for shit that makes life easier.

4. My coworkers and I may have convinced my boss to give us Veteran’s Day off. Yay for locally-owned businesses not tied to corporate rules.

5. I literally have zero plans this weekend. I see a whole lot of Netflix and pajamas in my future.

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NaBloPoMo November 2013