Thanksgiving Weekend in Pictures

I can’t believe my four-day weekend is almost over! I had such a relaxing Thanksgiving, which is pretty incredible considering we had about 20 family members over for dinner. If I can manage to get my ass of the couch, I plan to spend the rest of today taking down my fall decor and putting up my Christmas stuff. In the meantime, here are some photos of my Thanksgiving weekend:

Thanksgiving Wine

My mom and me pre-gaming with some wine. Just like the pilgrims did.

Thanksgiving Plate

My Thanksgiving plate. Fact: Squanto cries up in Heaven if you don’t go back for seconds on stuffing.


Helping my parents unpack their Christmas stuff. I should note that these are just the living room decorations, and that there were more bins in the kitchen and dining room.

Living Room

The living room six hours and several beers later.

Mt Shasta

On Saturday, we headed up toward my house to cut my parents a Christmas tree. Too bad it’s so ugly where I live.

Me and Mom

I can tell that this was taken at the beginning of the trek, because we are still smiling. My mom is the pickiest person ALIVE when it comes to Christmas trees. Here are a few reasons she rejected perfectly good candidates: “Not full enough.” “Too full.” “Too close to other trees.” “The trunk is a weird color.” “A squirrel looked at it funny.”


I finally gave up trying to find a tree good enough for my mom and took pictures of some branches and my new favorite boots instead.



Other weekend highlights: Hanging out with my friend Michelle (we stayed home and drank hard cider on the couch because we’re 29 going on 80 and the thought of interacting with people in a loud bar was making us ragey), walking with Dave’s office’s float in our town’s holiday parade on Saturday night, and learning to make bows out of ribbon with my grandma. However, I was given a harsh push back into reality last night when I put on a pair of non-stretch jeans to run to the grocery store and had to wear a baggy sweatshirt to cover my considerable muffin top. Now I’m trying to decide which sounds worse: Dedicating my life to the treadmill for the next several weeks or just giving in and buying bigger pants.

I think I’ve decided.


One thought on “Thanksgiving Weekend in Pictures

  1. 8littlepaws

    That’s so cool that you can hike around the woods and pick out a tree. If I put one up it’ll be fake, cause I’m not going to lug a real tree up three flights of stairs!


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