December Photo Challenge Day 4: BFF

I am the worst at keeping in touch with people. Part of it is because talking on the phone gives me major anxiety. (Issues. I have them.) Luckily, I have several friendships where it doesn’t matter if we talk every day or even every month: Every time we see each other it’s like no time has passed. Danielle is definitely one of those friends:


Apparently “washing my bangs before going out in public” wasn’t high on my priority list in 2010.

I believe this photo was taken about three years ago in Portland at a show for a Russian band called Mumiy Troll. This is one of the things I love about Danielle: We get into all kinds of random shit, like watching 80s rock bands we’ve never heard of, or driving five hours to meet at a hotel halfway between our houses to drink beer and watch the first two Home Alone movies.

Michelle is another one of those friends. We’ve been friends since grade school, when we would do super cool things like make fake radio shows on her little sister’s Fisher Price tape recorder and sign our parents up for the adult bed wetting program advertised in the check out line at the grocery store. In junior high we founded a fake underwear company called Iwanna Thong, complete with fake newsletters that we’d send out to people to try and embarrass them. And because I know you’re dying to know what we looked like in junior high:

Michelle and Heather

Dressed up as grandmas for Halloween, and modeling the Iwanna Thong fall line. And because I know you’re going to ask me for a tutorial on how to get bitchin’ bangs like mine, the trick is soaking them with hairspray while they’re still on the curling iron. Those things could hold up in a wind tunnel.

Best of all, both Michelle and Danielle are the type of people who don’t get mad when their friend plasters photos of them on their blog without asking permission. At least, I think so. If not, I might be in the market for some new BFFs.

Want to play along? Click here to see the December Photo Challenge.


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