December Photo Challenge Day 5: Outfit Photo

I had planned on wearing a dress today, and when I woke up and saw that it was 3 degrees outside with a high of 34, I knew I’d need to come up with some extra layers to keep from freezing. Enter: boot socks and a chunky cowl.


Imagine that I’m standing two feet to the left so you can actually see my tree.

Dress, JCP (similar) | Sweater, Old Navy (similar) | Tights, Target | Boots, Audrey Brooke (similar)| Cowl, handmade | Boot socks, Target (similar)

CowlCowls are one of my favorite things to crochet – they take no time at all (especially when you use a giant hook, like I did for this one), and they make such a huge difference when it’s cold out. I thought I’d lost this one, but discovered it hiding out under my desk when I was vacuuming at work yesterday. Apparently I don’t vacuum very often. #dirtbag. Speaking of dirtbags, those boot socks are really just the top half of boot socks. The ones I bought weren’t tall enough to stick up out the top of my boots, so I just hacked the feet off and wear them like leg warmers. I may look like an extra in an Olivia Newton John music video before I put my boots on, but it works.

Want to play along? Click here to see the December Photo Challenge.


8 thoughts on “December Photo Challenge Day 5: Outfit Photo

  1. 8littlepaws

    OOhh I like the crocheted cowl, I never thought about crocheting one! I guess I have knitting on the brain these days.

  2. 8littlepaws

    If you can crochet well enough to make that cowl I assure you, you can knit too.

    Here’s a website with a bunch of free mini-tutorial videos:

    And Craftsy has this for $20, it looks incredibly extensive and worth the money: (let me know if that link doesn’t work)

    I learned to knit in the “dark ages” before internet was as popular as it is now (2003). Back then I had internet at work but not at home, so I used a book from the library. It took me a few weeks to really get how to do it, but every time I got frustrated or annoyed I just put it down for another night. Mind you, I didn’t know how to crochet then either (I learned crochet around 2005/6) and I also think having internet videos to watch would have been a HUGE help.

    Anyways if you do try to learn and have any questions, fire away!!

    1. 8littlepaws

      Oh and I forgot to add, if you are not on Ravelry now you might want to check it out, It’s for knitters and crocheters. I am kninchicago on there. I get so much clothing inspiration from all the knitted and crocheted items on there.

  3. meganperri

    I adore that cowl. Beautiful stitching! The entire outfit is perfect. I knit myself, but love the look of crochet. I need to sit down and teach myself one day. Half of my closet currently resides at my workplace as well. The other half is scattered in the back seat of my car. #CommuterProblems


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