December Photo Challenge Day 9: Handwriting

First of all, I’m sorry if you follow me on Instagram and have noticed that I never know what the date is. On Saturday I thought I was already on day 9, and then this morning I thought it was day 10. Good thing I put a planner on my Christmas list.

Today’s photo is supposed to be of my handwriting, and I sat here for a long time deciding what I wanted to write to showcase my magnificent penmanship. I finally came up with this:


I know that seems kind of harsh, but here is what I woke up to the last two mornings:


More like -BULLSHIT.

I live at a fairly high elevation so I’m not a total pansy when it comes to the cold. I can handle lows in the single digits, but when I walked outside this morning it actually hurt to breathe. My car had trouble starting. I almost fell three times walking to work because the city didn’t feel the need to plow and cinder the luge courses that have replaced our streets. (Did I mention we got 5 inches of snow Friday night, which is now covered in a thick layer of ice? Because THAT HAPPENED.) To sum up: I hate the cold, I hate the city, and I hate that for what I’m paying to the power company this month I could buy my own tropical island to reside on. WHERE IT DOESN’T SNOW.


Want to play along? Click here to see the December Photo Challenge.

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