My Holiday Home Tour

Calling this a “home tour” is definitely generous, since I pretty much only decorated my living/dining area this year. In the last five years I’ve lived in a studio apartment, a tiny condo, a 2-bedroom apartment, and a 1-bedroom cottage, so until now I haven’t had the need for a ton of decorations. I decided to just put out what I have and call it good (with the exception of the flocked tree, which I bought this year). I might scout out the after-Christmas sales for a few more things, but honestly I’m not one of those over-the-top holiday decorating people. Mostly because I hate having to put it all away once the holidays are over. Even though it’s not much, I’m loving the warm glow from the lights in the evenings and early morning when I drink my coffee on the sofa:

Living Room 1

You can’t tell, but the Wet Bandits just got their asses kicked by a sassy blonde lady on my TV screen.

Living Room 2

Living Room 3

My mom made the pretty wreath on my mirror:


And I added a little tree and pine-scented candle to my coffee table tray to make it a bit more festive:


I got this glittery wire tree at Pier1 last year, but they still have them in stock:

Gold Tree

I didn’t do much with my tree – it’s flocked, pre-lit with white lights, and has little pine cones nestled in it, so it looked pretty festive just on its own. I just added a few sparkly silver and gold ball ornaments and a few tiny birds here and there:


Every year I tell myself I’m going to try one of the creative gift wrapping ideas I’ve seen on Pinterest (like this one), and every year I wind up buying cheap wrapping paper at Walmart. This year I went with a selection of reds, whites, and greens:


The bows looked a lot better before they had been untied by the cat and re-tied by me 15 times.

So there it is … it’s not much, but it’s a little more festive than staring at bare walls like we have been since August. (After Christmas is over, I’m devoting myself to the search for affordable wall art that doesn’t suck.) Have you blogged about your holiday decorations? Leave me a link in the comments if you have – I’m kind of addicted to holiday home tours.

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