Christmas 2013

I totally meant to post something earlier this week, but it turns out if I have to choose between blogging and eating peanut butter balls until I feel sick, I will choose the peanut butter balls. Anyway, we had a pretty fantastic Christmas. I mean, as fantastic as it can be when you’re crammed into a room with 20 other people opening a mountain of gifts one at a time and you’re not even drinking.
TreeThe five-hour present extravaganza was totally worth it though, because I came away from it with this amazing gift from my parents:

MixerAs well as this handmade picture from my sister:

Cross StitchI also received this beautiful coat from my grandma, an Orla Kiely makeup bag set, pretty stacking rings from Etsy, and a bunch of other great stuff. Including a hot pink gym bag, which I desperately need to put to good use on account of I looked a lot like this when I got dressed this morning:

Seriously. It’s bad.


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