Weekend Highlights

– Old Navy is having a huge sale right now (up to 75% off in store!), and I scored this sequined dress for $11 on Saturday. I’m planning to wear it on New Year’s Eve, only we haven’t made plans yet so my evening will most likely consist of wearing a shiny dress while watching movies on the couch with Dave and the cat.

– Dave’s family came over Saturday night and gave us a bunch of really great Christmas presents, including a brand new barbecue and a New Belgium sign for our (soon-to-be-installed) bar. Whiskers was most excited about the wrapping paper:

Cat in Wrapping Paper– A few weeks ago the Fug Girls linked to this post detailing the top wine moments of Alias, which was clearly a sign from the universe that I need to re-watch the entire series. I viewed an embarrassing number of episodes over the weekend while Dave sat nearby and piped up with a science lesson whenever something happened that defies the laws of physics which is, oh, EVERY 10 SECONDS. And I listened patiently to every single one of his interjections. Just kidding, I was all:

So that sums up my weekend … getting out of bed was especially hard this morning after a week off from both work and exercise. Luckily, looking at Jennifer Garner’s abs for 10 hours straight was a great motivator to put down the toffee and get back to the gym this week. I predict that this evening’s run will not be pleasant.


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