Jillian in January: Week 3 Update (Is it an ‘Update’ if You’re Not Doing Anything?)

You guys, I am doing so terribly on this Jillian in January Challenge. I started off strong, but then last week I got sick and only worked out once. My symptoms finally started to go away on Friday, and my body was all, “Oh, feeling better? I’ll see your normal temperature and lack of body aches and raise you RANDOM INSOMNIA.”

I probably got a total of six hours of sleep between Friday night and Monday morning. I somehow managed to keep my shit together at work yesterday, even when I had to go home to meet the plumber for the third time this month, who told me that the $300 fix we were paying him for is probably just a Band-Aid for a $900 fix, because of course it is. Luckily by that time in the afternoon I was fairly delirious, so instead of freaking out I just cackled every time he said “dip tube.”

Anyway, all my friends have been like DRINK SOME NYQUIL AND SHUT UP ALREADY, but since NyQuil tends to give me a wicked hangover, I decided to go the natural route first and bought some Sleepy Time Extra tea. I was skeptical, but the bear on the package that looks like he just drank a supersized roofie colada really sold me on it:

Sleepy Time Tea

Warning: “Classic Sleepytime™ Flavor” is code for “herb-infused ass.”

I did feel sleepy after drinking my tea last night, so I headed for bed, assumed my standard “falling asleep position” (right side, hugging pillow, one foot out of the covers) and started to freak out. What if I couldn’t fall asleep again? What if I’ll NEVER sleep through the night again? What if I can’t sleep because I have a brain tumor blocking my melatonin production? After about an hour of that, I finally fell asleep, and managed to stay asleep until around 5:30 a.m. I’ll take it.

I’m kind of wondering if maybe the problem is that I spent the last week lying around like a Kleenex-covered slug and my body just isn’t getting tired because it’s SO well-rested. I’m heading back to the gym tonight, and I’m interested to see if it helps. I have definitely developed a huge appreciation for people with chronic insomnia who manage to live their lives without murdering people who say they “need” 9 hours of sleep per night to function. They deserve medals. And a lifetime supply of free Ambien.


7 thoughts on “Jillian in January: Week 3 Update (Is it an ‘Update’ if You’re Not Doing Anything?)

  1. Abigail

    I always recommend a really serious cardio workout to interrupt insomnia. Obviously it won’t work for everyone (like people with real diagnosed insomnia), but I’ve found that 90 minutes of intense cardio will put you right to sleep no matter what. Also, remove caffeine entirely.

    I ended up not doing Jillian because I wanted to focus on yoga so I’ve been going to a studio about 4x a week. Also, got serious about my diet on Sunday (after sneaking bites of app sampler platters too often over the last two months) and immediately dropped 5 lbs just from counting calories (and making them count with only good nutrition). It’s so annoying sometimes when my body is like NO FUCKING DUH this is what I prefer.

  2. heatherhomefaker Post author

    That’s what I was thinking – I plan on running tonight instead of Jillian just to get out a little more energy. Samesies on the “no fucking duh” factor of calorie counting … I have, at least, been pretty good about tracking everything on My Fitness Pal, and I’ve been feeling so much better (before the whole cold/not sleeping shit).

  3. Megan - FireWifey

    I’ve found that working out usually helps me sleep. SOmetimes though, I just can’t sleep and there’s no good reason! I always stay in bed and try to wait it out, but I’ve heard you should just get up and do something. Next time (please let there not be a next time!!) I’ll get up and see how that works out! lol

    1. heatherhomefaker Post author

      Ha, I tried both – the first night, I tried to wait it out in bed. The second night, I got up and read/watched some TV. I definitely felt less frustrated when I got up because I was less jealous of Dave sleeping away next to me, but I wouldn’t say it helped me get back to sleep 🙂

  4. PROJECT east coast

    Also battling back from being sick since just after NYE (killer sinus infection) and feeling super lazy having skipped the gym for like 10 days. I would rate myself at roughly 80% normal energy at this point (last week I went straight to bed every night when I got back to my hotel after working – yeah, I’m traveling AND working while sick. Stupid.) I’m going to try walking on a treadmill tonight, we’ll see how it goes!

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