I Slept Last Night!

A couple of you suggested that a good cardio workout might cure my recent sleeping issues, so I went for a run last night and it totally worked – I slept like a baby. Only not really, because I didn’t shit myself or wake up and cry every two hours. That saying is really dumb.

The bad news is that I barely made it three miles, and I was huffing and puffing after about five minutes. Meanwhile, the guy on the treadmill next to me had the incline cranked up as high as it would go and was wearing a weighted vest. A WEIGHTED VEST. WHO DOES THAT? (At first I was kind of afraid it was a bomb, and after two miles I was PRAYING it was a bomb and that he would hurry up and detonate it.) Oh, and he was still running faster than me. I think I need to take up a new sport.

In other news, DSW is offering 500 bonus points with any purchase of athletic shoes through the end of the day. I wouldn’t recommend buying running shoes without trying them on first, but if you know what you want (and you’re a DSW member, which all shoe lovers should be), I’d recommend hopping on over there and taking advantage. I’m partial to ASICS, and since I’ve put close to 400 miles on my current pair I’m thinking it may be time to replace them in order to prevent foot pain. And then use my bonus points to put toward these, which will most likely cause foot pain. Shoe logic = the best kind of logic.


6 thoughts on “I Slept Last Night!

  1. Megan - FireWifey

    hahha My hubby has a weighted vest. He trains with it to simulate wearing gear in a fire. Part of their testing is a 3 minutes on a stairclimber with 75 lbs on their back. hahaha I do tell him he looks like he’s wearing a bomb though.

    Glad you got some rest!

    1. Abigail

      Oh man that sounds like such a bad ass workout. I want to try it.

      On my hiking trail I see guys with the vests all the time… always assumed they were firefighters (or armed forces).


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