1. We have determined that our water main is, in fact, leaking. The good news is that it’s made of PVC and not copper, which apparently makes it much easier to fix. The bad news is that I am physically incapable of not imagining the worst case scenario in every situation, so when the people come over tomorrow morning to dig it out I’m fully expecting them to discover that the entire thing needs to be replaced, or, like, unearth a tunnel containing the underground nest of a mutant serial killer plotting to sneak in through our vents.

I may have stolen that one from The X-Files.

Source Obligatory hot Mulder gif

Obligatory hot Mulder gif

2. I’ve been much better about keeping up with the Jillian in January Challenge this week. The last two nights I’ve done the 30 Day Shred, and I forgot how annoying it is when Jillian says, “give me two more” and then waits five more reps to start counting to two. Also, squat thrusts are the worst, not only because they hurt but because it sounds like something that should be happening on a toilet after eating a Nacho Cheese Chalupa.

Via Instagram

Via Instagram
Check out my bulging bicep! (Note: This requires closing your eyes and imagining that there is a bulging bicep in this picture.)

3. Dave brought home a 12-pack from Kona Brewing Company last night and I DID NOT EVEN DRINK ONE, on account of I’m still trying to cut out weeknight drinking.

Source My brain, Monday-Thursday. (Yes, I count Friday as the weekend.)

My brain, Monday-Thursday. (Yes, I count Friday as the weekend.)

Have a good weekend!


9 thoughts on “Updates

  1. PROJECT east coast

    PVC is in fact your best-case scenario. Congratulations! You’ll feel better tomorrow after they leave, and what a great opportunity to “reimagine” a landscaping concept for your front yard.

  2. Ellen

    I had to replace my septic main the first week of homeownership because some DUMBASS trenched telephone line through it and it was backing up into the shower. It gets better, promise. 🙂

  3. Abigail

    My experiment with not drinking has resulted in so much weight loss that I think I have to face facts and take up non week day drinking too. Sigh.

  4. Audrey

    I love those Kona beers! Unfortunately for me, I’ve some how developed a beer allergy and it was the Kona passion fruit beer that made me accept I have a problem with beer! I’m talking about throat-closing, face swelling, hives, attempting to vomit problems. I’m the lamest.


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