I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or what (the big 3-0 is looming this summer), but lately my mood has been transitioning from mostly calm to COLBERT RAGE FISTS way faster than ever before.


Me, all the time, every day.

Lady sweats all over gym equipment and doesn’t wipe it off? RAGE. Driver fails to stop for me at the crosswalk? RAGE. Person writes intentionally vague “woe-is-me” post on Facebook, prompting all their friends to leave fawning, “Don’t be sad/you’re the best/I love you long time” comments? DOUBLE RAGE. (Note: Whenever I come across vaguebooking it takes all my strength to not be like, “OMG ARE THE ANAL WARTS BACK AGAIN?”)

Anyway, I’ve been trying really hard to not be so annoyed by everything because in addition to everything else, I am also annoyed by people who are annoyed by everything and lo, I HAVE BECOME THE VERY THING THAT I HATE.

Limiting my time on social media has helped a little. I did log in to Facebook during my lunch break yesterday and saw that my friend Caitlin had posted this gem of an email exchange, which gives me hope that it’s possible to remain awesome while simultaneously wanting to punch somebody in the throat.

And because I feel like I should balance things out and end this post on a positive note, here are some pictures of rats cuddling with tiny teddy bears. And now I want a pet rat.

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