Weekend in Photos

Photo BoothCake and ChampagneOn Saturday night my friends Joanna and Nick got married, and their wedding was amazing. Mostly because they’re both pretty much the best people ever, but also because it was 50’s themed and was complete with candy cigarettes, a photo booth, and casino games. Also, that cake up there was the tastiest wedding cake I’ve ever had. I spent about 10 minutes scheming a way to sneak some out with me in my purse, but then I saw an unattended piece on a table near me, so I snagged it and then pretended to be all appalled with its rightful owner when he returned from the dance floor to find his delicious cake missing. SORRY, NOT SORRY.

RunIn other news, I’ve decided to try and get back into half marathon shape. Partly to offset that CAKE ALL THE TIME diet you just read about, and partly because I miss actually training instead of just running a few miles randomly when I feel like it.  I have my eye on a few races in April (a 10-miler and half marathon), so that gives me plenty of time to prepare while also being close enough that I can’t keep skipping workouts to watch Netflix in my pajamas.

StewFinally, Dave made Guinness lamb stew last night, and it was SO GOOD. It’s the perfect winter evening meal, if you happen to be in one of the regions of the U.S. actually getting a winter this year. Anyway, he promised he’d guest blog with the recipe, so look for that later this week. In the meantime, I’ll be at work, dreaming about cake.

4 thoughts on “Weekend in Photos

  1. 8littlepaws

    50s theme, I love it!

    And “actually getting a winter”…are there parts of the country that aren’t (besides the obvious like Florida etc) I knew you guys were having a drought but is it warmer there than usual? Here our high temp today is below zero, again. We’ve gotten buckets of snow too and very few days above freezing. It’s the worst winter I can remember since I was a kid.

    1. heatherhomefaker Post author

      Yeah, it’s been pretty warm here … it was in the 60s on Friday, and has been consistently in the mid-70s down at my parents’ house about two hours south of us. The last storm we got was in early December. It’s finally supposed to rain this week and I’m so glad!

      1. 8littlepaws

        Wow! I had no idea it was that warm there now. I know the drought is serious, and I feel for ya and hope it rains….however, it actually HURTS to breathe here it’s so cold that I can’t help but be somewhat jealous!

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