Gym Shenanigans

I totally felt like a badass last night when I finished off my treadmill run by sprinting for the last quarter mile, until a girl got on the machine next to me and her warmup pace was the same speed as my sprint. Also, her hair was down, she was wearing a sweatshirt, and she WASN’T EVEN SWEATING.


Also not fair: The fact that I will never get the two hours of my life back that I wasted on this movie.

About 10 minutes before the sweatless gym fairy showed up and crushed my confidence, some overzealous dad decided it would be a good idea to stand on the rails of a treadmill and let his toddler son try and run between his legs while he held his hands. At first I was like, “what an idiot” but then I realized that the hilarity potential was pretty high and I got kind of excited.

Sure enough, about half a second later, the kid tripped but didn’t let go of his dad’s hands, forcing the guy to hit himself pretty hard in the crotch. I love seeing stupid people out in the wild.

I’ll end this with an update on my Jillian in January Challenge progress.

Via Instagram

Via Instagram
Whiskers here has been joining me lately. Maybe he finally realized he’s three times the size of a normal cat.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve only been doing Jillian videos two times a week to supplement my running. Even though that doesn’t seem like much, I’ve noticed some pretty big changes. Like the fact that I can once again do regular-style pushups, and can complete all the mountain climbers without fighting the urge to pop out the DVD, break it into pieces, and use the shards to slit my wrists. The side lunges still kill me, and my rock star jumps are more Keith Richards than Adam Levine, but still: I’m making progress, and that feels really good after effectively taking a 2-month break over the holidays. I can’t wait to see everybody’s results!

5 thoughts on “Gym Shenanigans

  1. Pamela @

    I am quite the ugly gym-goer myself so I definitely feel your pain. I get all red-faced and sweaty. Ewwww. I should definitely start working out again and step away from the baked goods. Maybe next month? Keep up the good work though, you are an inspiration.

  2. Abigail

    Hang on, is the gif from Love and Other Drugs? I LOVED that movie. Like told everyone I knew to see it, loved it. Sob. I’m just going to pretend its from Princess Diaries 5: If These Diaries Could Talk.

    1. heatherhomefaker Post author

      Interesting … maybe I should give it another chance. I also hated Groundhog Day the first time I saw it and when I watched it again a few years ago I judged myself for having hated it before.


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