Stovegate Update

Surprise! Our broken stove wasn’t under warranty, a fact I already knew in my heart but had to stand in an appliance shop blasting the Flaccid Rock Sirius channel for 20 minutes to confirm. Turns out, bad news is so much worse when it is delivered to the soundtrack of Meat Loaf’s greatest hit.


Will do anything for love, except cut his hair and stop making that face.

We did a little stove shopping after work and then I softened the blow with some Skinny Girl margaritas while watching the Olympics. LIFE TIP: Don’t buy these. I’ve had other Skinny Girl flavors and enjoyed them- the white peach is delish – but the original margarita flavor was so sour and jarring that I almost pulled a Michael Scott and added some sweetener.

Also, a four-pack of mini bottles was 18 DOLLARS. Apparently I wasn’t paying attention when I picked them up, and I didn’t realize they were so expensive until the price flashed on the cashier’s screen. I thought about going back and getting something else, but the only thing more depressing than buying booze marketed toward women with poor body image is returning that booze because it cuts into your Taco Bell budget.

For those of you who saw the title of this post and skimmed to the end to avoid my whining, here is a summary: 1) Always buy the extended warranty on major appliances, 2) Skinny Girl Margaritas taste like evil, and 3) Mmm, Taco Bell.

7 thoughts on “Stovegate Update

    1. heatherhomefaker Post author

      We did ask about that – what happened was the control panel (where you push the buttons for oven temp, timer, etc.) got pushed back into the stove, and then the wires must have touched something because it made this super loud pop and smoke started pouring out of it and everything died. We could replace the panel for $100 plus labor, but if it fried everything when it exploded then we would be out that $100 PLUS have to buy a new stove because you can’t return the part once you’ve connected to a power source. I think the odds that it did fry everything are good, since there is a giant burn mark down the front and the burners turned off when it happened.

    1. heatherhomefaker Post author

      Taco Bell lovers unite! And we actually found a really nice stove on major sale (like $300 off!) last night that I think we’re going to buy. I’m just terrible about making big purchases so I had to go home and research it for a hundred hours last night before making up my mind 🙂

  1. average jayne

    Also hate Skinny Girl margaritas. What I do like is the 0 calorie Jose Cuervo mix, complimented by actual Jose Cuervo, of course. Unlike Bethenny’s concoction, the JC “skinny” drinks are bearable.

    I’m okay with the Skinny Girl mojitos, even though in truth they taste nothing like a real mojito. They have a decent overall flavor.


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