Pinterest’s Worst Valentine’s Day Ideas

I got bored while watching cross country skiing the other night, so I hopped on Pinterest, where I was bombarded with some really questionable ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day. First up is the “Choose Your Valentine Destiny” date:

Choose Your DestinyThis involves creating and cutting out pictures that represent possible activities/meals and making your significant other choose from them to create their own all-day date. I’m pretty sure if Dave could choose his Valentine Destiny, it would involve pants-optional hockey watching and not plucking clip art out of a hat to determine which romantic comedy he has to suffer through. Also, doesn’t this essentially force you to plan for, like, six different dates since you won’t know what he’s going to pick? This sounds like a lot of work that will most likely result in your man spending the day hoping the next picture he chooses is of him watching TV in his underwear.

Put this on“The dress you bought me doesn’t fit over my thighs, but I still feel sexy,” said no woman ever. Unless you have seen her try the exact dress on and love it, I wouldn’t risk it.

CardNothing says, “Stage 5 Clinger,” like receiving a card bearing the exact number of days she has loved you. Especially if you’re not even dating her.

ShortsLikewise, nothing says, “I have zero self esteem issues,” like buying him gym shorts with your name on them. Also, seriously? 325 pins? HAVE SOME PRIDE, PEOPLE OF PINTEREST.

Related: I posted this on Facebook a few days ago, but just in case you didn’t see it — 10 Valentine Cards That Will Get You Dumped

4 thoughts on “Pinterest’s Worst Valentine’s Day Ideas

  1. 8littlepaws

    oh these are amazing. Love the link too. There is no way my BF would get through that valentine’s destiny without an eye roll. No way.


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