I try to, you know, squeeze things

So I mentioned a few weeks ago on Instagram that I’m trying to get back into half marathon shape, and things were going pretty well until I broke my toe last week. Since running wasn’t happening, I decided to do an arm/back workout one day. It did not go well.

I tend to ignore my upper body when I’m training for a race. I’m already running at least three times a week and doing lower body strength training, so adding one more gym session would cut into the “sit on the couch and watch bad TV” time that I cherish so hard. I think that’s about to change, though — yesterday I saw a picture of myself from a recent work event, and I was rocking some serious ham hock arms. I wont post the picture here because PRIDE, I HAVE IT, but here is a close approximation:

Ham Arms

Not pictured: The plate of bacon-wrapped water chestnuts I was hoovering in said photo. #muchprofeshunal

However, until the Olympics conclude this weekend my arm workouts will consist of fist pumping every time Crazy Mary appears on screen and praying to Jesus that I miraculously wake up the next day to world peace and figure skater arms. And speaking of Crazy Mary and figure skaters, I am SO EXCITED about this.

(Also, if you have suggestions for arm workouts besides “immaculate bicep conception,” feel free to leave them in the comments.)

9 thoughts on “I try to, you know, squeeze things

  1. average jayne

    Presuming you’re after a “toned” look vs. “OMG did you see the biceps on her?”.

    I hate using weights, but I’ve had a lot of success toning with Tracy Anderson arm videos. There are dozens of them on YouTube. She’s a little nutty and frankly terrible at explaining what the heck it is she’s doing, but if you watch a few times and mimic her movements you will notice improvements pretty quickly. At first you think, how can 10 minutes of waving my arms around like a crazy person be challenging? Yet, somehow it is punishing.

      1. average jayne

        Are links allowed? Try this one: p://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dQOBbLnk7o&feature=player_embedded

  2. kmb

    Not sure if you have access to a gym that offers Body Pump, but it is a great weight lifting class. One hour of upper body, lower body, and core strength training.

    1. heatherhomefaker Post author

      I’ve heard such great things about Body Pump … my gym doesn’t currently offer it, but they’re adding new programs all the time so maybe I’ll pester them to start up a class.


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