High Five for Friday

For a four-day workweek, it sure seemed to take forever to get to Friday. If I was the kind of person who danced in public, I totally would be right now.

In lieu of dancing, here are five things that made the week drag a little less:

1. Getting a Valentine in the mail from my nephew:


2. With a Harry Potter stamp featuring some stellar smell-the-fart-acting from Ron:

Potter Stamp

3. My weekend forecast looks like this (sorry, every other state besides California):

Weekend forecast

4. Dave joined an indoor soccer league, and I get to see him play tonight (he’s a goalie, and he’s really good). Hopefully watching his games will increase my knowledge of soccer, since right now it’s limited to things I learned while watching “Ladybugs” over and over in 5th grade because I had a crush on Jonathan Brandis.


Example: It’s totally healthy to let your step dad dress you in drag as long as he has a really good reason, like wanting to win a few U-14 soccer games to impress his boss.

5. I discovered a delicious new vodka on Wednesday night: Effen Dutch Raspberry.

Raspberry vodka
I mixed it with Coke Zero (it tasted just like a Cherry Vanilla Coke but with the added bonus of BOOZE), and Dave mixed it with juice. So good.

Have a great weekend! I’ll be over here, enjoying my vodka in the 60-degree weather.

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png

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