My Brain on Sunshine

I am in such a weird funk right now, you guys. I keep sitting down to blog, and then … nothing. I think it’s because the weather is so beautiful right now that all I want to do is run around outside without my coat on and pretend it’s not going to go back to being cold in a day or two. Seriously, this is what the inside of my head looks like right now:

My brain

I’m pretty sure this is what the MRI results at our local hospital look like. Much benign!

It was 65 degrees outside on Sunday, so decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood … between the fresh air and mountain views I started to feel pretty smug about living in the country. And then I walked by a guy skinning a small, furry animal on his front porch. Good one, universe.

Deck View

The view from our deck on Sunday. Not pictured: Two guys drinking beer on their tailgate in the field behind our house.

The rain and cold is supposed to roll back in tomorrow. I’m really hoping my motivation reappears along with it.

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