My Pinterest Was Hacked (No, I’m Not Suddenly Obsessed With Skin Care Ideas)

This morning I was lying in bed doing my usual iPhone procrastinating when I saw on Facebook that I had allegedly been up all night pinning skin care and landscaping tips. Which is hilarious because everyone knows I don’t pin anything that’s not edible and covered in at least two types of cheese. I opened my Pinterest app and sure enough, it warned me that it looked like my account had been hacked. (I kind of wonder if somebody I know did this as a not-so-subtle hint, since I wash my face with cheap drugstore soap and we still haven’t filled in the hole in our lawn from this incident. Also, they changed my location to Paris.  I WISH, PINTEREST HACKER.)

Anyway, I changed my password and deleted the weird boards, but I can’t figure out what somebody could gain from hacking a Pinterest account. Because I’m picturing this:

The sad thing is that a bunch of people re-pinned the hacker pins and started following me last night, so I predict that there will be many disappointed landscaping and face wash enthusiasts once my “four cheese mac and cheese with a side of cheese bread” recipes start flooding their feed. Sorry, guys.

Rihanna is right. I’m not sorry. And now I’m craving melted cheese. Hackers 1, Heather 0.


6 thoughts on “My Pinterest Was Hacked (No, I’m Not Suddenly Obsessed With Skin Care Ideas)

  1. average jayne

    That’s hilarious; I didn’t even know that Pinterest hacking was a thing.

    Can I just take a moment, though, to express my supreme dissatisfaction with the whole “related pins” advertising BS that has cropped up recently? I follow who I follow and if I’m open to new ideas, then I’ll do a general key word search or hang out on the fashion and hair pages. Enough with the sponsored content!!!

    1. heatherhomefaker Post author

      OH MY GOD, YES. The sponsored pins give me so much rage. And they don’t even match my browsing history! One of mine today was “20 best pixie cuts.” I have never in my life even entertained the idea of short hair, much less searched for it on Pinterest.


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