Good Things

Sorry for the recent radio silence over here … last week was pretty crappy, but instead of dwelling on that I’m going to tell you about a few good things that happened in between all of the crap. Look at me, being all happy and upbeat! Glitter and kittens and ponies for everyone!

Sparkle cat gif

My brain on optimism.

Seriously though, I have been trying to be more positive lately so here are some good moments from my Very Crappy Week:

1. I ran six miles on Saturday, which is the longest I’ve run since the half marathon. I suffered through some pretty gnarly IT band pain when training for the half last year, so I took a little break from long runs. Since January I have been re-building my mileage (very) slowly and making sure to strength train at least twice per week. I think it’s making a difference – I had zero knee pain and felt awesome. I plan to run a 10-mile race mid-April, so I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll stay pain-free until then!

2. I did yoga for the first time in forever. It felt amazing, but looked a lot like this:

3. I got on iTunes Saturday morning to add a few songs to my running playlist and realized I apparently loaded a $25 gift card a while back and never used it. I then proceeded to buy more Katy Perry songs than I care to admit, but in my defense, it was for running and not my “impress my hipster friends” playlist.

 4. Tomorrow is Dave’s birthday, and I am making him this cake. I don’t know what I’m more excited about — using my new KitchenAid mixer or stuffing my face with globs of fresh whipped cream.

Aaand that’s enough optimism for one day.  I hope your Tuesday is filled with rainbows and kittens and glitter and/or globs of fresh whipped cream.


One thought on “Good Things

  1. 8littlepaws

    I have minimalist running shoes (saucony hattori) and they help a lot with pain when running. I’m very happy with them. Yay for your good news!


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