Give Yourself a Raise

Last week I was contacted by, who wanted to know if I’d participate in their “Give Yourself a Raise” campaign. I hadn’t heard of Raise before that, so I did some investigating and turns out, it’s pretty cool.

Basically, Raise does two things: lets you sell unused gift cards for cash, and lets you purchase discounted gift cards to hundreds of stores, from Walmart and Target to Neiman Marcus and Barneys. You can click here to see exactly how it works, and then you can test it out by purchasing me a discounted Lowe’s card so I can install a damn backsplash in my kitchen. Just kidding. I will also accept cards to Liquor Barn.

So, back to the campaign: “Give Yourself a Raise” is all about the importance of rewarding yourself for all the hard work you put in every day. And you guys, I am all about rewarding myself.

Maybe this makes me sound shallow, but I don’t usually wait for a good excuse to reward myself. Here is how my reward system currently works: Made it through the week without punching anyone in the throat? I deserve some new shoes. Did 10 minutes of housework? Time for a five-hour Breaking Bad marathon. Got up early on Saturday for a long run? I’m eating a meal involving at least four cheeses when I get home.


How I greet Dave after a run.

Now I want to hear how you “give yourself a raise.” Do you reward yourself for the small things in life, or do you wait for a momentous occasion?

4 thoughts on “Give Yourself a Raise

  1. average jayne

    I don’t even wait for the small things.

    I think is a great resource for anyone who shops consistently at the same shops. The discounts aren’t stupendous, but essentially they can help to wipe out tax costs (even shipping if you are ordering online). I know I’ll be shopping at J Crew in the near future, so why not guarantee myself a little discount ahead of time? Now I need to investigate what kind of deal they offer for selling unused gift cards. I have more than a few sitting around the house.

    1. heatherhomefaker Post author

      It seemed like a lot of the cards hovered around the 20% discount mark … I think I’d mostly use them at places like LOFT or J Crew Factory that are always having big sales, where an added discount on the gift card could add up to more significant savings. If that makes sense. I need my late afternoon coffee šŸ™‚

  2. 8littlepaws

    I am getting a large promotion on July 1 as part of my departmental restructuring, and I will be the department head (CFO). I feel like I need a serious “treat yoself” for that.

    Also, just this morning as I was about to enter the train station on my way to work, I see the vacant storefront next to the station entrance finally has a sign up–Baskin Robbins, coming soon. This will go one of three ways, basically every day, this summer, on my commute home:
    1. Bad day at work! I need a treat to pick me up.
    2. Meh day at work! Let’s spice up this day with some ice cream!
    3. Good day at work! TREAT YO’SELF!


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