Pretending to Care

Today is one of those days where the only thing keeping me trudging is the promise of happy hour at the wine bar later.


Source    Me, until 5:30.

And the only thing that will drag me out of the wine bar later tonight is the fact that there is a giant slab of Rumiano’s garlic jack at home in the fridge waiting for me to melt it onto any form of carbs I can get my grubby little cheese grabbers on.

cheesy blasters gif

Source    One of my favorite hangover meals is a hot dog wrapped in a tortilla filled with melted Velveeta. I call it “shame roll.”

And because I clearly do not have anything of value to write about today, I’m going to direct you to this awesome post making fun of this girl who decided to bandit a half marathon and document it with 20 selfies. I hate to give her traffic, especially since instead of apologizing she THANKED THE PEOPLE CALLING HER OUT FOR GIVING HER TRAFFIC, but his post is more hilarious if you know how ridiculous her post was. (Apologies if you already saw this on my Facebook page. If you didn’t, you should join my mom and grandma and Like my Facebook page.)



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