Semi-coherent ramblings about my weekend

Confession: I only ran once last week, which is pretty dumb since I have a 10-mile race coming up on April 12. However, I did finally buy a flip belt, so at least I’ll have my phone with me to call for help if my legs give out halfway through.

Speaking of buying things, I made the mistake of going to Target without a list on Saturday and wound up buying these, even though I already own a pair of black suede wedges. (But these have ankle straps!) And this jean jacket even though I already own a jean jacket. (But this one is a totally different shade!)

Somebody needs to take away my debit card.

I had planned on going for a run when I got back from Target, but then Dave and his dad showed up with two truckloads of oak so I helped them unload it instead. My arms. They hurt.

Wood pile

I plan to be sick the day he decides to chop all of this.

I’m glad we are set for firewood next winter, but I’m not super stoked about the fact that our backyard is seven dancing backwoods bachelors away from a hoedown.

Wood pile dancing

Photoshop Seven Brides for Seven Brothers hoedown scene onto a picture of our wood pile instead of cleaning the house? Check. Also, my apologies to Frank for cutting off his right foot.

If I submit these photos to HGTV do you think they will come help us?


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